RSolid Coral Pink Microfiber Reversible Hat - AW18 RUNNING


RSolid Coral Pink Microfiber Reversible Hat - AW18

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Buff RSolid Coral Pink Microfiber Reversible Hat Ideal as a base layer when exercising in the cold months, the Buff RSolid Coral Pink Microfiber Reversible Hat will provide supreme protection against the elements. With supreme heat retention, the Reversible Hat will make sure that you will stay in a comfortable and snug state. Despite keeping you warm, you won't overheat as the hat is breathable, allowing an airflow in and out which will work to keep you feeling both warm and fresh. The material has a four-way ultra stretch, which means that you will always be able to find a comfortable and secure fit. The stretchable nature of the hat will also mean that it will be able to retain its old shape. As the hat is reversible, it has two stylish designs which you can chop and change easily. There are no seams on either side, which means that there will be no irritation caused through rubbing and chafing. With 360 degree reflectivity, visibility in low-level lighting is increased, and when artificial light is shone on it, you will easily be spotted. When you begin to sweat or are exposed to any other liquid, the moisture management system will quickly and effectively wick away moisture. After removing the liquid, the fabric is quick-drying, making sure that the hat returns to its comfortable and lightweight original state. Blocking all harmful UV rays from damaging the skin, there is no risk of any sunburn from occuring when exposed in the bright daylight. Made from sustainable and recycled polyester microfibres, the hat is a greener solution to previous and other hats.