RYellow Fluor Dryflex Hat - AW18 RUNNING


RYellow Fluor Dryflex Hat - AW18

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Buff RBlue Dryflx Hat Enjoy intensive activity in the extreme cold with the Buff RBlue Dryflx Hat. With complete 360 reflectivity and supreme heat retention, exercise in the cold months in comfort and safety. Using Buff's Dryflx material, the extremely breathable and stretchable fabric provides a solid level of warmth. Perfect for carrying in a small pocket or bag and brandishing when you begin to get cold, the hat is an essential item for when the weather turns cold. With four-way ultra stretch, the hat can sit on the head comfortably and retain its shape when pulled so as not to leave any lasting damage. When out exercising at night time or in a dark environment, the hat has reflective trims which will provide 360-degree visibility. A seamless construction within the hat will mean that you won't have any irritations from rubbing or chafing directly on the skin. When you begin to sweat, or if the hat is exposed to liquid, the moisture management system will quickly wick it away before quickly drying off. Protection from the sun is guaranteed as the hat will stop harmful UV rays from entering and causing damage to the skin.