Women's Sequence XC Pro Helmet   Helmets CYCLING


Women's Sequence XC Pro Helmet Helmets

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Off-road adventures need a cool head to stay on top of your game and comfortable, the Sequence XC Pro delivers protection whilst maintaining ventilation and moisture-wicking. Ergonomically designed, with vents designed to draw air in through the front of the helmet to maintain constant airflow, with the rear exhaust ports expelling warm air as you ride.  The Sequence Pro padding features 37.5® technology, this actively absorbs heat and provides optimal sweat-wicking to keep you dry as well as cool. No more excessive heat build-up and discomfort on warmer days, leaving you to get on with enjoying the ride.  With a removable visor and the excellent Ergo Hold SL retention system to dial in the fit, this helmet can be set up perfectly for every rider.