Oxygen 24 Litre - AW18 TREKKING & HIKING


Oxygen 24 Litre - AW18

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Montane Oxygen 24 Litre Women's A tough and lightweight all-season multi-activity daypack from Montane - The Women's Oxygen 24. Key Materials And Construction The main body area of the pack is made from RAPTOR Geo 210 Denier material which is tough, lightweight, abrasion resistant and is treated with a DWR treatment. By being exceptionally light, the material reduces the risk of excess weight being added to the pack, allowing the wearer to fill the pack without being conscious of the already existing weight. The tough nature of the pack will keep the contents protected from possible loose branches and other debris which could potentially cause damage. Further protecting the pack and its contents, a DWR treatment has been used on the material. This will allow water during light showers to bead on the surface of the fabric and run directly off, reducing the risk of water entering and causing damage. RAPTOR Endurance 420 Denier Nylon (which is extra durable) base panels have been strategically placed in key areas of the pack which reinforce the material for much-needed protection. Shell friendly CONTACT open mesh panels have been placed at the area which sits closest to the wearer back. This will vastly enhance ventilation, allowing warm air to be moved away from the skin and therefore keeping the wearer feeling cool and comfortable. This mesh is woven a specific way which prevents it from damaging a shell jacket which may be worn underneath the pack, giving the wearer peace of mind. CONTACT mesh PLUS panels located on the shoulder straps and hip fins will provide the wearer with much-needed ventilation. This means that warm air will be easily released and the wearer will remain cool and comfortable as they explore. HALO fabric lines the pack which is superbly lightweight. This will finish the inside of the pack smoothly without adding unnecessary weight. Throughout the construction of the Oxygen 24 minimal seams have been used. This will increase the strength of the bag and will reduce the weight even further. A women's specific ZephyFX system has been added to the back area which combines a stiff structure with a soft, comfortable and close fitting mould. This will allow the pack to sit comfortably against the body and will reduce the risk of discomfort which could be caused by objects in the bag that could dig in the back and cause great discomfort. Also placed in the back area of the pad are ventilation channels. This is a key feature for ventilation as it releases warm air from larger areas, therefore working quickly and effectively to keep the user cool. Pockets And Attachments Providing entrance to the main compartment is a wide top zip. This will allow the wearer to easily access their kit but will keep all of the pack's contents zipped away and secure. The multi-pocket configuration of the pack provides versatile storage options. These are great for individually storing away essential items. The hip fin pockets are quick and handy as they allow the wearer to easily access items which may be frequently required. An innovative Montane Baquette pocket allows the user to securely store items which may be longer in length at the side of the pack. This will reduce the amount of space is taken up, therefore, freeing the space for other essentials. A hydration bladder tube opening is offered which will allow the wearer to attach a bladder separately, therefore, allowign them to stay easily hydrated on the move. At the base of the pack, a dual pole attachment point provides a secure space for storing walking poles separately to the main compartment. Also included is a stowable tool anchor. This uses an alpine safety sleeve, allowing axes to be securely stowed away when needed. Other Key Features Specifically designed for women, Chest Flexor shoulder straps have been used in the construction of the Oxygen 24 which will are specifica