Flight Deck XM Camo Vine Snow / Prizm Sapphire Iridium Goggles 2018 / 2019 SKIING & SNOWBOARDING


Flight Deck XM Camo Vine Snow / Prizm Sapphire Iridium Goggles 2018 / 2019

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The XM is a downsized version of the Flight Deck, built for a smaller face. This mid-sized, rimless design draws inspiration from helmet visors of fighter pilots - resulting in a massive field of vision for the wearer. In addition, they are complemented by a whole host of Oakley's top-end tech features. Uses Oakley’s Prizm lens technology which has been specifically engineered to enhance visibility and contrast. F3 Anti-fog lens coating and frame venting prevent moisture build-up keeping your vision clear. Rimless frame design provides maximun peripheral vision. Discreet notches in the frame allow compatibility with most prescription eyewear. Triple-layer polar fleece foam creates a solid yet comfortable/dry fit. Lens Prizm Sapphire Iridium is suited for variable to sunny conditions; the Iridium coating reduces glare from sunlight reflecting off the snow, whilst the rose tint increases definition in flatter light. Prizm technology blocks specific wavelengths of light whilst boosting others to provide maximum contrast and enhanced visibility. This greater clarity results in reduced reaction times and increased performance over a wide range of light conditions.Visual Light Transmission, VLT, refers to the amount of light that penetrates a lens. A low percentage means less light passes through and a higher percentage lets an increased amount of light through. A lens with a lower VLT rating is better for bright conditions, where as one with a higher VLT is more suited for overcast and snowy days.