I/OX Moss Surplus / ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror + ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash Goggles 2018 / 2019 SKIING & SNOWBOARDING


I/OX Moss Surplus / ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror + ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash Goggles 2018 / 2019

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The high-end I/OX goggle offers unparalleled vision, packed with all their best technological features you would expect, so you can enjoy your day on the mountain. Coming with two lenses you are set for all conditions you are likely to encounter. The frame is a medium to large fit. Smith’s ChromaPop lens technology filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause colour confusion. The result is a lens that offers greater definition, more natural colour and better clarity. The Spherical Carbonic-X lens with 5X anti-fog inner offers high impact protection, is more scratch resistant and better at managing moisture. A patented Porex filter allows the lens to regulate the pressure between the outer and inner with changes in elevation to eliminate any optical distortion. TLT lens technology gives crystal clear vision and clarity. Single-pivot Quick Release change system makes swapping between the lenses simple and effortless. The 3-layer DriWix face foam is comfortable and dry while adding a solid fit. Main Lens ChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror - With a 13% VLT this lens is suited for very bright cloudless days on the mountain, with a tint that reduces glare at higher altitudes. Bonus lens ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash - With a 50% VLT this lens is tuned to optimise contrast and increase definition when the storms come in and conditions deteriorate. Visual Light Transmission, VLT, refers to the amount of light that penetrates a lens. A low percentage means less light passes through and a higher percentage lets an increased amount of light through. A lens with a lower VLT rating is better for bright conditions, where as one with a higher VLT is more suited for overcast and snowy days.