Range Charcoal / Blue Sensor Mirror Goggles 2018 / 2019 SKIING & SNOWBOARDING


Range Charcoal / Blue Sensor Mirror Goggles 2018 / 2019

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As part of the Airflow series, the Range goggle offers lens venting and decades of technological innovations to provide clear vision in even the toughest of conditions. The large fit frame is comfortable and fits well with helmets. LensBlue Sensor Mirror - With a 60% VLT this lens has a light rose base tint with a multi-layer blue sensor mirror to maximise colour definition and increases depth perception in stormy conditions. Visual Light Transmission, VLT, refers to the amount of light that penetrates a lens. A low percentage means less light passes through and a higher percentage lets an increased amount of light through. A lens with a lower VLT rating is better for bright conditions, where as one with a higher VLT is more suited for overcast and snowy days.