Vice Black / everyday Green Mirror Goggles 2018 / 2019 SKIING & SNOWBOARDING


Vice Black / everyday Green Mirror Goggles 2018 / 2019

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Retailer description:

The Vice combines the look of a traditional goggle with a semi-rimless design and oversized lens, resulting in a comfortable goggle with a greater field of view. Using Smith's ChromaPop lens technology to improve clarity on the mounting and designed to fit medium sized faces.LensChromaPop everyday Green Mirror - With a 23% VLT Smith's highly-versatile everyday range of lenses are designed for medium to bright conditions with a mirror coating to reduce glare.Visual Light Transmission, VLT, refers to the amount of light that penetrates a lens. A low percentage means less light passes through and a higher percentage lets an increased amount of light through. A lens with a lower VLT rating is better for bright conditions; where as one with a higher VLT is more suited for overcast and snowy days.