'The Grid' 2.0 Foam Roller - AW18 GYM

Trigger Point

'The Grid' 2.0 Foam Roller - AW18

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Trigger Point 'The Grid' 2.0 Foam Roller The GRID 2.0 is twice as long as the GRID to accommodate larger bodies or offer a more stable surface. Use the GRID 2.0 for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well. 'The Grid' 2.0 Foam Roller from Trigger Point has a three-dimensional surface. This allows muscle tissue to aerate as the user rolls key muscle areas across it. This will promote the flow of oxygen and blood which are the key nutrients needed to repair muscles. The roller has a hard, hollow core which makes it great for transporting as other items can be placed inside it, ideal for when storage space is limited. This is wrapped in EVA foam which makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers. EVA has been specifically used as it holds its shape and offers the perfect amount of pressure time and time again. A smaller amount of foam has been used in the construction of this roller but it is firmer than more commonly used foam, this feature allows the roller to be more 'environmentally friendly' than traditional rollers. The 2.0 is a longer length which allows this roller to accommodate to larger bodies.