5 best thermal wear brands and how they will change your life

5 best thermal wear brands and how they will change your life

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to ski or trek in the mountains. One thing is for sure - you don’t want to feel cold! Although we certainly do not recommend wearing plenty of clothing layers (they may seriously affect your freedom of movement), we do have something special for you. Thermal clothing - try it and you’ll become unstoppable during your outdoor adventures.


Thermal clothing - its importance and benefits

Warm thermal wear is very important while doing all sorts of sports in cold weather. It will act as a shield during freezing temperatures and pouring rain. Thanks to the ultimate comfort that it provides, your performance will skyrocket. Thermal wear for women is also very stylish - so don’t worry, you will look great and feel warm inside at the same time. Get to know our 5 favourite thermal clothing brands and pick the best option!


1. Icebreaker

In the offer of this brand you will find high quality ladies thermal underwear. It provides maximum comfort thanks to the usage of both natural and synthetic materials. Merino wool fabric, known for its great softness, is used in producing most of their base layers. Icebreaker offers also thermal pants with stylish fit and effective moisture management system.


2. Helly Hansen

If you’re searching for a thermal long sleeve, check Helly Hansen. The brand provides very warm base layers, perfect for every kind of outdoor activity. All thermal shirts are seamless - this attribute contributes to them being one of the most comfortable on the market. They will surely enhance your performance!


3. Smartwool

Smartwool is a producer of awesome merino wool socks. You may not think about socks as an essential part of your outfit, but believe us - they are highly important! Thanks to their construction, both your ankles and arch braces will be secure. Smartwool is known for a great variety of patterns and colours, so surely you’ll find a pair that will steal your heart!


4. Terramar

Terramar’s most popular products are thermal shirts and thermal pants. They will hug you in all the right places during long hours of trekking. Another feature worth mentioning is UPF 50+ rating - protecting you from UV rays harmful for the skin.


5. Kari Traa

This brand offers thermal ski wear. We especially recommend their top selling product, which is thermal long sleeve made from merino wool fabric. It dries quickly, reduces body odour and keeps your temperature in balance. It is also very soft - you won’t resist touching it.


All these brands are featured at Flybery, so go ahead and pick your thermal outfit and let’s conquer your next destination together!



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