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Flybery Woman Phoebe Greenacre of Wood and Luxe shares why going on a fitness retreat is good for your body and mind. Want to join her this Summer?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going on a retreat this year.

Even though we all aim to live a clean, green and healthy life - it's not the actual reality. Life gets in the way and we can end up living off caffeine and burning the candle at both ends. A great way to kick the bad habits and restore your energy levels is to book yourself on a retreat. Long before I was a yoga teacher, I use to go on a holiday by myself or with my best friend, and focus purely on restoring my health. 

Kick the Bad Habits

When you are in a beautiful environment and there is no alcohol, junk food or caffiene allowed, you are forced to kick those bad habits in the butt. Health retreats are the best way to indulge in healthy foods and detox your body from all the naughties.

Feel More Healthy

Whether you want to loose a few Christmas kilos or tone up that butt, health retreats are a great way to work out multiple times a day and have fun doing it. Retreats usually offer a mixture of work outs that include hiking, yoga, HIIT, pilates and more.

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Retreats are a great opportunity to take your fitness to the next level. Working out multiple times a day for a week is the perfect time to take your training up a notch or try some new poses.

Eat Healthy

There's no better time to indulge in all the healthy food without doing any of the work. You are surrounded by deliciously healthy food and nothing but good choices. Some retreats even offer heathly cooking lessons which is a great way to pick up some new recipes. 

Have Some Me Time

Getting some well deserved me-time on retreat - it's the best gift you can give yourself. Have a complete digital detox, disconnect from the world and go back home with a new perspective. 

Whether you need some head space or a break from reality, a retreat is the best way to slow down and focus on yourself. The end result? You will end up feeling on top of the world, lighter than when you arrived, and leave with a spring in your step! 

Want to join Phoebe on a retreat this Summer?

Phoebe is hosting multiple retreats this Summer, one in Portugal and one in Crete. If you are looking to join Phoebe, head on over to Wood and Luxe for more details, or even a friendly chat for some advice. She is our retreat expert!

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