A Guide to Women’s Winter Headwear

A Guide to Women’s Winter Headwear

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As the weather turns and you get going with your winter sports schedule, you’ll no doubt be dipping into your winter sportswear collection. Whilst insulated jackets and knitted layers are staple winter styles, don’t forget to consider your all-important winter headwear.

It may be a myth that you lose more body heat from your head than any other body part, but it’s still very much true that you’re going to lose plenty of vital warmth from any part of your body that you leave uncovered whilst you’re out facing the winter elements.

Keeping your head protected in the winter months has many benefits. Whether you love to be outdoors skiing and snowboarding, or whether you simply like to take a fresh wintery stroll, there are plenty of reasons to make winter hats a staple part of your winter-wear look.


Ultimate Protection

From keeping out the cold, to providing an extra comfort layer, a classic winter hat can provide superior all-round protection. Those who like to venture out in extreme weather will find it can act as a shield, helping to hold any hair out of the way and ensuring unrestricted vision. Skiers and snowboarders often like to wear a hat under the helmet to boost their level of protection. As well as then keeping their ski or snow hats in place, they also then have a layer between the hard shell of a helmet and their hair or skin.


Staying Warm

The majority of winter hats, from beanie hats to hats with tassels are crafted from wool or cotton material. These soft-touch fabrics are great at keeping in the heat and giving you that warm cosy feeling that you really appreciate during the winter months. A winter hat can also play a vital role in covering your ears which is something you could find yourself hugely thankful for when the chill really starts to bite!


Looking Good

Amongst all of the sensible benefits of winter headwear, there’s another very good reason why you should opt for a classic winter hat… and that’s simply because they look good. Slouchy beanies and pom pom knits have been leading the style stakes year after year, so when it comes to considering making them a part of your winter go-to collection, it’s a no-brainer.


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