Beginners guide to running clothing: Which running jacket you should choose?

Beginners guide to running clothing: Which running jacket you should choose?

photo: Laura Murray

When you’re just starting out as a runner, you’ll know how important it is to dress right. You need well-made, functional running clothes that will keep you comfortable and help you to perform at your best.

As the cooler seasons roll in, a running clothing essential for new runner will be a running jacket. Whether it’s already a part of your regular get-up or not, here’s why investing in one is a great idea…


Why do you need a running jacket?

If you’re taking to the streets or trails with your running training, it’s important to take note of the weather conditions. While it might be warm out, there’s nothing to say you won’t run into an unexpected downpour or a sudden change in conditions.

Waterproof and windproof running jackets can be your saviours at times of weather uncertainty, helping to protect you from the elements and continue your run with little disruption. They are also a great way to regulate your temperature, whether you like to gently warm up before taking your jacket off for your run, or to protect you all the way around in colder climates.


Types of running jacket…

As with all good sportswear, many running jackets are designed to help with various aspects of your training. From specially crafted windproof running jackets to breathable running jackets that are made from smart materials to help keep you cool and comfortable; the choice really is yours when it comes to special features and finding the perfect running jacket for you.

One of the most popular reasons for training in a running jacket is simply to keep out the rain. Protecting your skin from the harsh moisture and also helping to prevent illness. If this is your main concern, be sure to check out waterproof running jackets that can keep you dry in style.


How should a running jacket fit?

When it comes to how your training clothes fit, you will have your own personal preference. While some like snug-fitting soft fabrics, others are more comfortable in oversized styles. Your running jacket should ultimately be comfortable to train in, it should be big enough to fasten at the front, allowing it to fully protect you but also loose enough to give you some breathing space with enough flexibility for the movements you need to make as you take your strides.

Use your regular clothing size to determine the best size jacket for you, taking into account the kind of fit that you like. Try various styles and explore all of the different style options on offer.


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