Choosing the right pair of winter gloves

Choosing the right pair of winter gloves

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If you’re hitting the slopes in sub-zero temperatures or if you’re looking for a little apres-ski protection, winter gloves are a vital part of your kit. Women's winter gloves can be found in a huge range of styles and designs, meaning they don’t have to be bulky or standard-looking. Whether waterproofing or comfort are top of your want-list, get to know about the various types of women's winter gloves available and make the right choice for you.


The best winter gloves for you

The most important factors to consider when looking for winter gloves is what kind of activities you will be taking part in, how free you need your hands to be and how long you will need to wear the gloves for.

The best example of winter sports that require specialist gloves are skiing and snowboarding. Besides needing to keep warm during long days on the slopes, your hands will also need to be protected in case you fall and need to use them to break the impact. A great pair of ski or snowboard gloves will be made using gore-tex technology, this gives them a superior waterproof rating as well as breathability to ensure your hands stay comfortable and dry. In a similar way, gore grip technology and articulated fingers can be used to enhance the grip of your specialist winter gloves, making them suitable for keeping hold of your sporting equipment and keeping you in control.

For other winter sports, insulated gloves are a perfect choice, designed using a combination of fabrics but ultimately always focusing on retaining heat and keeping out any cold or moisture. Insulated gloves are vital for anyone who is spending more than a couple of hours outside in winter conditions or in contact with snow and ice. Women's insulated gloves can be found in a variety of styles and looks, from thinner under the cuff gloves to padded softshell over the cuff gloves. The type you opt for will depend on your own comfort as well as the level of protection required.

For anyone who is wearing winter gloves for a prolonged period of time, special features can prove hugely useful. From dedicated tighter cuff fastenings to nose wipe functionality and zipped pockets, the best women's winter gloves around are designed to help you out along the way and enable you to seamlessly deal with anything your day throws at you.

Not all winter gloves need to be focused on waterproofing and insulation, as many people prefer a lighter alternative. Fleece gloves and liner gloves can be worn alone or underneath a more insulated pair in various situations. Fleece gloves are made from tightly-knit woven fabric, keeping them close to the skin and easy to move with. Although they are comfortable, warm and popular, they don’t offer protection against wet weather or conditions, and so should only really be opted for in more casual, calm settings or for a shorter period of time.

Whether you are after an all-singing, all-dancing pair of specialist padded insulated gloves, or simply a comfortable pair to keep you warm and help you to layer up. Find the perfect pair of winter gloves from the huge selection at Flybery.


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