Cyclist must-haves - what to wear for a cycling trip?

Cyclist must-haves - what to wear for a cycling trip?

There are many good reasons to go on a cycling trip. You can explore new routes, get your daily dose of endorphins and spend time in nature while everything is in spring bloom. And additionally - it’s a fun experience! A quick reminder though - preparation is key if you wish your cycling trip to be a successful one. Wondering what to take care of? We come with a several tips!

How to prepare for a cycling trip?

Of course you need to prepare yourself, but also your bicycle for the upcoming adventure. Be sure that your bike is in good condition after its winter break. Every part is working? Nothing is broken? If your answers are positive, check tyre pressure - and if you have to, adjust it. Now it is time for composing your cycling outfit! It should be ultra comfortable and all the layers should fit your body perfectly.

What you should wear for a cycling trip?

Here are some essentials recommended by our experts.

1. Cycling top

Choose the top in which you are able to move freely - the goal is that you forget what you’re wearing and be focused on cycling experience. Good cycling top will have zero shoulder seams and bonded side and back seams. We especially like Morvelo cycling jersey. You will be having hard time finding another cycling jersey that is made with such attention to detail.

2. Cycling jacket

Weather could be tricky - so better be prepared and have a cycling jacket with you. Look for the ones that are made from lightweight, breathable materials. We also usually choose waterproof jackets in case it begins to rain. You are cycling on the road? Reflective panels are a must have, because they will indicate your presence to the drivers. There’s nothing more important that your safety after all.

3. Cycling helmet

Speaking about safety - don’t forget about a helmet. Its key features are durability, proper ventilation system and lightness. Buying a cycling helmet that fits you the best is the way to go. Plenty of helmets on the market have also pretty, outstanding designs that will make you stand out from the cycling crowd!

4. Cycling bib shorts

Trust us - you don’t want to feel any discomfort during your trip! That’s why you should choose special cycling bib shorts designed to meet any women’s expectations. It’s the part of your cycling outfit that will keep thigh muscles compressed while improving blood flow. It regulates body temperature too, thanks to breathable side panels. Although there are a lot of brands providing comfortable bib shorts, our hearts stand by Castelli and Ralpha.

5. Cycling shoes

You’re planning a short trip? Wear your standard trainers. But if your trip appears to be a longer one, definitely invest in professional cycling shoes. They come in a multitude of exceptional colours, so they are a great way to add something special to your gear.

Everything ready? So pack your backpack and let’s hit the road! Feel the breeze and focus on the wonderful cycling experience.

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