Finding the Perfect Ski Underwear

Finding the Perfect Ski Underwear

Everyone knows the benefits of having a great ski or snowboard jacket, and many will also know of the importance of mid-layers, but an all-important layer that is often overlooked is ski and snowboard appropriate underwear.

Underwear is anything worn under your main garments. So when it comes to skiing and snowboarding, we are talking about panties or boxers, as well as vital base-insulate layers. All of these components are vital for keeping you warm, dry and comfortable out on the slopes.


Why bother with specialist underwear?

Whether you are new to snow sports or take part season after season, you’ll surely know that it can get incredibly cold out on the slopes. You might think that a heavy-duty ski jacket provides all the protection you need from the snowy conditions, but in reality you need every item of clothing you have on to be working hard against the elements. Staying warm, dry and comfortable is no easy take when you’re skiing or snowboarding, so make sure you give yourself the best possible chance by carefully considering your skiing/snowboarding underwear.

Sports underwear specialists such as X-Bionic and Roxy have designed smart underwear solutions for those who need a superior performance level. From energizer tone boxers that are contoured to the body and designed to provide the perfect balance of insulation and ventilation to classic womens panties crafted to keep moisture at bay. There are many high-quality ski and snowboard underwear options available to ensure you have the best level of protection you can find before you venture out on your snowy adventure.


How to choose the best underwear for your ski trip

If you want to be fully prepared for your ski or snowboard trip, make a list of all the undergarments you’re going to need. From your underwear to those insulating mid-layers that are so important for staying comfortable, wam and in control.

Your mid-layers will sit next to the skin and so should be made using smart thermo-stretch fabric, helping them to sit close to the body, to wick away any moisture and to give you all-round protection beneath your thicker outerwear layer. Ski tops, t-shirts and leggings are an essential part of your skiing underwear set-up and have an important job to do when it comes to keeping you comfortable and letting you alternate between layering options as your day goes on.

Beneath these mid-layers, your underwear should be perfectly styled for you. This includes fitting with your personal preferences and allowing you to still feel very much like yourself. If you usually opt for a brief shape or a boxer shape, then you’ll feel at your best in that style that you know - it’s simply a case of ensuring that your ski underwear has the fabric technology to keep you protected as you explore the slopes.

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