Five Lifestyle Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

Five Lifestyle Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy

It has been said that sound mind is of sound body. But are you too busy keeping up with your professional and social life to take care of yourself? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some basic hacks you can incorporate into your daily life to keep fit and healthy!


It is essential for an adult to receive at least six hours of sleep every night, preferable eight though. Sleep is beneficial for physical and mental health and wellbeing. It not only keeps the heart healthy, but also prevents cardiovascular diseases in the long term. It also enhances your memory and aids in naturally clear skin. Basically, get some rest!


A balanced diet is necessary to keep body vitamin levels in check. Mix up your meals for the week based on the nutrients they provide. A minimum of 2-3 legumes based meal keeps you healthy as they provide Vitamin B and are gluten free. We follow the age-old rule of breakfast being the most important meal of the day to provide energy.


An average adult should have at least eight glasses of water each day to maintain the optimum level in the body for it to carry out various body functions and to keep away from illnesses. We personally like having bottles of water handy to remind us to keep ourselves hydrated, especially with the summer months here. Flybery have a good selection of reusable bottles, making hydration extremely easy to maintain. 

Working out:

Your workout goal should not be mainly to lose weight, but to stay in good health. A simple fifteen minute workout each day is also enough to create a discipline in your life and to de-stress. Never make excuses by finding something you enjoy; with a variety of options such as yoga, dance, sports and the gym being easily available nowadays.


Reading stimulates the brain and actually increases the brain power. It is said that reading even the newspaper or a recipe helps our mind learn something new everyday, reducing the risk of suffering through Alzheimer’s in the future. So get a new book out every couple of weeks, read a chapter a day and keep your mind healthy.

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