Flybery Reviews- Yoga Leggings

Flybery Reviews- Yoga Leggings

We know shopping online for sportswear isn't easy.  Will it fit me right? Will it pass the 'squat test'? Does it ride up or fall down? Is the sizing accurate? These are just a few questions we ask ourselves staring at the screen trawling through website after website. Here's where the Flybery Women can help you out!

We understand what you're going through as we feel it too, so we're trying and testing your favorite and also new brands for you so you know what to expect when they land on your doorstep!

From yoga pants to sports bras, running trainers to swimming costumes.  We'll put them through their paces in real life scenarios and share our results with you.

First up Zoe from Aloha and Coffee tests yoga pants. As a yoga teacher, Zoe lives in activewear and knows a thing or two about what she likes about yoga pants! We took a selection of leggings from varying price points and brands and here's what Zoe found...

"I like my yoga leggings to be high waisted to hold everything in.  I prefer a full-length legging and usually take a size small. My go-to brands tend to be Alo Yoga and Lorna Jane as I know they fit me well, they are good quality and I love their styles. I don't tend to opt for brands I've never touched or felt before as I don't know what the quality is or fit is like so I stick to the same brands".

I tested 3 brands of leggings I'm not overly familiar with. All leggings were a size small and all were either 7/8 or full length.

I tested the Beyond Yoga Caught in the Midi High Waisted Leggings, the Varley Abstract Petal Biona Leggings, and the Onzie Carrera Leggings.

I tried and tested all 3 pairs of leggings, and filmed it for you, to check their size, length, whether they were squat proof, how they felt while doing yoga and you can see from the video how they fit and move!


Beyond Yoga Caught in the Midi High Waisted Leggings- With a super high waist and velvet soft touch these leggings felt like a hug on my legs! They are honestly the softest leggings I have ever felt but at the same time hold you in and lift you in all the right places.  The waistband stayed put throughout my yoga practice and didn't roll down in downward dog like some leggings can.

Flybery Reviews- Yoga Leggings


Varley Abstract Petal Biona Leggings These leggings crop just above the ankle which is the length I like my leggings to be. The waistband was nice and high and thick and they have a little concealed pocket inside. I was a little worried about the pattern and them not being squat proof but they passed the test and didn't go see through at all the wrong moments. They are also super lightweight and soft which s perfect for the warmer months.


Lastly the Onzie Carrera Leggings, These were slightly longer than the other 2 pairs but not overly baggy around the ankles which is a pet hate of mine.  At 5ft 6" I'm average height and these were a really nice length on me. With a nice high waistband which again stayed in place through a practice and cute mesh detailing on the legs, this pair had the little details on point that turns a pair of plain black leggings into a stylish class to cafe pair!

Flybery Reviews- Yoga Leggings

All 3 had their own merits and all 3 pairs and brands are definitely ones I'd buy again.

The best for value goes to the Onzie Carrera leggings. At under £55 they were less expensive than the other 2 pairs but rivalled them for design and wearability, the mesh inserts are very current and didn't squeeze my legs like some other brands do.

The best for looks go to the Varley Biona leggings.  The pattern and material are beautiful and I got loads of comments from people in class and out on the street.  The pattern is perfect for the summer and also going from yoga class to coffee shop!

The best for comfort go to the Beyond Yoga Caught in the Midi leggings.  As soon as I took them out of the bag I could tell how they would feel on my legs.  They are super soft and super high waisted and didn't roll down or budge during class.  I didn't want to take them off all day (and in fact didn't!)

You can shop all these leggings and more on Stay tuned for more reviews coming your way soon!

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