Flybery Woman does Sierra Leone

Flybery Woman does Sierra Leone

When you think of running a marathon, Sierra Leone probably isn't the first place that would come to mind.  

But Street Child UK are changing that, and I'm glad. For several years now, Street Child UK have organised the Sierra Leone Marathon project, and in 2017 it was named the ‘Best International Running’ event at the Running Awards! People from all over have been signing up over the years to take on one of the races (5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon). To run, to jog or to walk, but 100% to embrace the experience and to share the journey with the locals in Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone Marathon isn't just a marathon though. It's a five-day adventure which includes visiting some of the charity's projects, including schools and markets, attending workshops and having a unique chance to see how fundraising is changing the lives of those in Sierra Leone. 

A charity project I worked on in Zambia in 2016, changed my life. It was an experience I struggle to put into less than a million words and emotions. It put more than you can imagine into perspective, and I haven't one tiny bit left that trip behind. I came back ready for more.

What touches you is that families, children and communities in countries like this have very little to absolutely nothing. Yet, you'd never know. The smiles on their faces and the warmth of the welcome they give is second to none! It's unexplainable. 

An education is something I've probably taken for granted. Great schooling, further education, a university degree and a post-graduate degree. 

Sierra Leone makes for a different story. Household poverty keeps millions of children out of school. In some areas there just are no schools for them to go to, and where there are schools, they lack the basic facilities needed, including teachers and learning materials. Every child has a right to learn. It should be a given. It's not.

Street Child UK work hard to change this. A little really does go an incredibly long way. £10 pays for a school uniform and just £30 pays for school fees for an entire year. You can only imagine what £1000 provides  

So in May (23rd to 28th), I will be heading to Sierra Leone to take on this adventure of a life time. I cannot wait to see first-hand again how money raised is spent, and fight hard to help make a difference to those who really need it. 

For more information about the work of Street Child UK and the marathon, or to indeed sign up for the 2018 trip, please visit:

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Thank you,

Laura x

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