Flybery Woman turned Wonder Woman

Flybery Woman turned Wonder Woman

This week we’re sitting down with one of the original Flybery Woman, Hayley Jane, to find out all about her recent stint as an Amazon warrior in 2017’s blockbuster of the year, Wonder Woman. We want to know how she swapped her fit kit and trainers for a sword and shield and successfully turned herself into a badass horse riding, spear wielding Amazon?

Flybery Woman turned Wonder Woman

So, you can tell us... How much of it was real life and how much of it was faked?

It was all real, part of Patty’s vision for Wonder Woman, and something that she was quite rightly adamant about, was that we were fully trained by the incredible stunts team to be able to hold our own and really be believable warriors. All the girls were incredible and really gave it there all, both in training and then out there on the beach filming the battle scene.

How did you transform?

Well, it wasn’t overnight, that I can tell you! It was incredible and pretty much my dream gig but we definitely had to put in a shift physically. It was a really different experience for me, training partially for strength but mainly for aesthetics, something I have never done previously. The training and physical demands were something that we were all familiar with but in order to really make a difference we also had to make quite drastic changes to our diet, which was of course the hardest part. The cast trainers, Pieter Vodden, Mario Donato and Mark Twight are also absolutely to credit as it was their expertise and support that kept the whole thing in balance and moving forwards successfully.

Tell us a little more about that?

Due to the time constraints we had to go with something that got results so we followed something similar to the ketogenic diet which is essentially strict low carbs and high fat. However unlike the ketogenic diet, we increased our protein intake too. Absolutely vital given the amount of physical exercise we were doing. The diet was extremely tough and as anyone who has tried to cut out carbs will tell you, it has a huge effect on your mood and emotional state (sorry friends and family!). It was here that having the other girls, my fellow amazons, in it with me, helped no end. We really supported one another throughout the whole process.

Are you still in touch with the the Wonder Woman crew?

Yes!!! I have made some lifelong friends in some of them - both cast and crew. It's crazy the bonds that were created throughout that experience. I also value my friendships and the ‘sisterhood’ extremely highly. Similar to the ethos of the Flybery Women I believe that we’re stronger together, unstoppable actually.

Would you do it all again?

Hell YES. In a heartbeat. It was singlehandedly the most incredible, intense, all consuming experience of my life and I loved every minute. Where do I sign?!

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