Four Travel Bloggers That Make Us Want To Go On A Holiday

Four Travel Bloggers That Make Us Want To Go On A Holiday

With summer here, it is time for everyone to get away from the stresses of everyday life and take a relaxing break. While we envy the bloggers for the magnificent trips they get to take all year round, this is the time we must plan our own holiday and take note of our favourite online influencers.

Four Travel Bloggers That Make Us Want To Go On A Holiday

Wood and Luxe:

A travel and wellness blog by Phoebe Greenacre, it provides you with hacks for a healthier lifestyle while travelling. Having travelled to 50 countries already, Greenacre writes about hotels and wellness retreats to giving us holiday packing tips. Her wholesome trips are so appreciative of nature but are also combined with luxurious treats that you might just want to follow Greenacre around the world!

Imperfect Matter:

Imperfect Matter by Cat Meffan is a fitness and travel blog. Meffan speaks to the health freak in us, having lived an actively lifestyle since a very young age. She explores corners of the world, from Bali and Koh Samui to small towns in Finland. Rely on Meffan to incorporate a slightly more active touch to your holiday.

Natalie Glaze:

Glaze is an extremely relatable blogger! She calls herself a ‘nutrionista’ and not a fitness freak. Her posts range from reviews of hotels to those of restaurants along with posts on her favourite easy meals while travelling. While you get distracted with her travels, do also pay close attention to her beautifully versatile wardrobe for some holiday outfit inspiration.

The Travelista:

Jess Gibson’s luxury travel blog, The Travelista, explores all the possible dream holidays you may have thought about. From Guatemala to Tanzania to Vietnam, we do not think Gibson has left any place uncovered. Her trips to these exotic destinations will surely help mould your own trip. She gives you the lowdown on where to stay and what to do as she plans your itinerary for you!

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