What is International Women's Day?

It's a day to celebrate women! Whether social, political, economic or cultural, International Women's Day is all about celebrating women's acheivements! 


Tara, Tara London - A favourite on everyone’s lips, Rosa Parks no doubt will be celebrated on international Women’s Day. Having refused to give up her seat on he bus when racial segregation was in full force, she became an icon in the civil rights movement. Her bravery paved way for the world as it stands today and should indeed be celebrated. 

Fran, Healthy Fit Fran - Stella McCartney has redefined the industry of fashion by celebrating individuality and authenticity, as well as having a strong voice when it comes to environmental morals and animal rights. She stands out for being a woman who designs with purpose and not just for beauty, promoting sustainability, ethical fashion and femininity. Stella has a unique style and vision, and she is shaping the future of luxury fashion and sport. Since 2005 she has been working hand in hand with Adidas, creating sportswear that is not only functional, but also feminine and unique, tailored to shape the female figure and designed by using interesting cuts and vibrant colors, suitable for all skin types and body shapes!

Phoebe, Wood & Luxe - I grew up around lots of women; 3 beautiful sisters and my mum, so there was never a dull day at home. Mum brought us up in a loving and nurturing environment where she showed us (by example) how to enjoy every moment of life; the good, the bad and the exciting. Every day was an adventure and I thank her for giving me this sense of curiosity and excitement for life. 

Adrienne, Adrienne LDN - There are so many women that inspire me for many different reasons but I'm always in awe of female professional athletes. The time and the dedication that it takes to become a world class athlete is unbelievable! I recently met Dame Jessica Ennis Hill, a British athlete that I believe has inspired the next generation of female champions! So my International Women's Day shout out goes to you Jessica, thank you from of all of us!

Hannah,  Hannah Rose Fit - I 100% look up to my mum the most. She's amazing! Growing up she was the bread winner in the family, she worked crazy hard and it was all so that I could get the best possible opportunities. She's taught me unconditional love, how to be a badass boss, how to be compassionate, and how to be selfless. To this day she's my best friend and I hope one day I get to have a daughter and raise her the same. I think it's important to raise women to know that they are worthy of everything and that they can do whatever they put their minds to!

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