Hayley Jane Working Out Whilst On Holiday

Hayley Jane Working Out Whilst On Holiday

Words By Hayley Jane At Break The Loop

So first things first,

There’s no magic motivation pill. If you want to do it, or if you know you should do it, you just gotta do it. It is so easy to talk yourself out of it when on vacay, instead choosing the path of least resistance i.e. sitting by the pool with a margarita. I can promise you this though… The pool (and the margaritas) will still be there once you have finished your workout and you will feel even better about going back for seconds (and thirds) if you’ve already got a good sweat session in!

Most hotels will have a little gym but really, you’re on holiday! Get outside and explore this new place you’re in! On a recent trip to Mykonos I had a couple of runs on my plan as part of my marathon training. Rather than slog it out on a treadmill staring back at myself in the mirror, I took it to the streets. I found a long set of steps tracking up a hill, set my timer for 45 minutes and got cracking. A few warm up laps, just walking up and down and then I ran up and walked down for 45 minutes. Add in a few rounds of squatting, hopping etc etc… Job done. (I also got a cracking tan in the process!)



Treat this as a chance to shock your body and force it to adapt under new training conditions, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of doing the same old workouts at home, so take a look around and resolve to use what you have available to you! Plenty of hills? Get working those hills! Right next to a beach? Focus on a plyometric style HIIT workout, twice as hard in the sand and therefore twice as much fitness bang for your training buck! Don’t fancy any of the above but your hotel has a pool? Jump in and splash out some laps. The fresh air and added vitamin D infusion will make each workout that much more enjoyable.

If it’s a work trip that you’re on and you have super limited time / energy / space, you can easily pack some resistance bands in your suitcase and then get on youtube for some quick and easy workouts, perfect for even the smallest of spaces!

A few things to remember.

If you’re heading out on a long run and you're not 100% sure of your route / location, make sure you have a full battery on your phone, or at least write down the number & address of where you’re staying so that you can be picked up / directed home if absolutely necessary. Finally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you head out and take a bottle of water with you to leave somewhere in the shade whilst you get your sweat on.

All done? Great! Now, go forth and margarita.


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