How Playing Tennis Is Great For The Body And Mind

How Playing Tennis Is Great For The Body And Mind

With Wimbledon just around the corner, it is time for all you Sharapova, Federer and Djokovic fans to update yourself on the benefits of getting out onto the court.


Physical Benefits

- The anaerobic workout is essential in cardiovascular fitness and muscle development. Fat loss is further enhanced by the quick bursts of movement.

- Tennis improves balance and body coordination. Everyone can do with boosting his or her hand and leg synchronisation while running on the court.

- Serving allows you to work on your hand and eye coordination.


Psychological Benefits

- Tennis requires you to remain alert and think tactically while strategizing against your opponent at speed.

- It's a wonderful opportunity to build you sportsmanship spirit, playing in singles will boost your self-esteem and doubles enhances and encourages great teamwork.

- Tennis creates a discipline in all aspects of your life, professional or private, it takes commitment and perseverance.


Tennis Style Notes 

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