How to choose the best sports bra for running?

How to choose the best sports bra for running?

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Whether you’re an experienced runner or just starting out, you’ll already know that preparation is key - particularly when it comes to your running clothes. Before you even start to consider leggings or running tops, it’s vital that you choose a good sports bra for running.


Why wear a sports bra while running?

Running is a great all-round cardio exercise. It flexes many of your major muscle groups and increases your heart rate at a pace that you can control. While it’s brilliant for your body to get moving in this way, you need to think about the effects it can have on areas such as your chest. If you fail to support this area correctly, you could be at greater risk of back and breast pain and could even cause lasting damage to your skin.

It’s important to choose an appropriate sports bra for running that will offer full-rounded protection and that allows you to train in the most comfortable way.


What impact sports bra for running?

Sports bras are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. The most important factor to consider when shopping for a sports bra is the level of impact you will require for the exercise you are doing. For example, a low-impact sports bra is appropriate for activities such as yoga and cycling. A medium-impact sports bra is ideal for sports such as cycling and power-walking.

When it comes to running, a high-impact sports bra is the best option. This style of sports bra ensures maximum protection where a high level of motion is involved. With this level of support, you can enjoy running or jogging in comfort giving support to your chest and allowing your skin to breathe.


How should a running bra fit & how tight should a running bra be?

After you’ve established the best type of running bra for your exercise, as well as the style or design that you would most prefer, it’s important to ensure that your running bra fits properly. If it’s too tight, it will limit your circulation and cause damage to your skin leaving you uncomfortable and possibly even injured. However, if it is too loose then it will not cushion your body and will be unable to offer the protection you need.


When trying on your running sports bra, check these three main factors for fit and tightness:

  • Band - to check the fit of your sports bra, slide your finger under the band that fits all the way around your back and check that you cannot pull it more than an inch outwards. This should give you a little wiggle room, without being too loose.
  • Cups - in the same way you would check the fit of a regular bra, ensure that the cup of your sports bra holds the whole breast with no overspill.
  • Straps - although these may be adjustable, ensure that there is only a small level of give once you pull up on them. This will give you an idea of how much movement it will allow whilst you are running.


While comfort and fit are important, the great news is that you also don’t have to compromise on style. With so many leading sports brands producing stylish sports bras for running, take a look at what’s on offer at Flybery ...


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