How to Choose the Perfect Ski Jacket for Women?

How to Choose the Perfect Ski Jacket for Women?

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If you’re hitting the slopes this winter season, you’ll definitely be thinking about the best clothes for skiing and finding the perfect women’s ski jacket. Whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned pro, you can find a ski jacket that perfectly suits your individual style thanks to the huge range available at Flybery.

Of course you want to look good as you enjoy your ski session, but your choice of ski clothing is also vital for keeping you safe and comfortable. You’ll need layers to keep warm and ski trousers to protect the lower part of your body as well as accessories to cover your hands and head. FInally, a great ski jacket will complete your look and will have you truly ready for action.

Not sure what to look out for when searching for the perfect ladies ski jacket?

Check out these all-important features...


Is it waterproof...

Your ski jacket has a vital job to do when it comes to keeping out snow. Nobody wants to feel cold and damp while they’re trying to have fun, so make sure you choose a waterproof jacket that has you covered. Most ski brands will ensure their fabrics are the ultimate in water-resistance, but always look to the details to be sure.

Your ski jacket should certainly have a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment layer, which is a thin waterproof coating designed to repel water. For the ultimate in waterproof ski wear, look for Gore-Tex technology. With both protection and comfort in mind, Gore-Tex fabric keeps any hint of moisture away thanks to its smart membrane composition. With a Gore-Tex ski jacket, you can rest assured that you can stay warm and dry as you savor the slopes.


Is it warm, but breathable...

As well as keeping the elements out, your ski jacket needs to be breathable enough to let your body heat escape. Despite the freezing conditions, skiing can be hard work, and with your body put to the test, you need to make sure you’re helping it to regulate its temperature. You can find plenty of insulated jackets from the best ski wear brands around, that promise to protect your body’s warmth as well as letting your skin breathe - the perfect combination for a lovely, long ski session.


Is it lightweight...

All that gliding and swerving can be really hard work, so you’ll need a ski jacket that isn’t going to slow you down. Whether you opt for a hardshell or a softshell jacket, a lightweight ski jacket is a comfortable option that won’t leave you feeling like you’re carrying around unnecessary weight, leaving you light on your feet and able to enjoy the fun for longer. Even quilted ski jackets are often made from the lightest materials, helping to improve your versatility and ensuring you perform at your best.


How useful is it...

When you’re setting off for a day on the slopes, there can be plenty of things to bring with you, so choosing a ski jacket with helpful pockets can prove a huge plus-point. From concealed inner zipped pockets to outer padded compartments, there are many options when it comes to storing your important accessories to keep with you on the go.


What about the fit...

It’s important to choose the right ski jacket for your personal needs, and one that is only going to enhance your skiing adventures. Finding the perfect fit can be so important for your experience, making sure that nothing gets in your way.

Your ski jacket should be loose enough for you to wear comfortable layers beneath, but also tight enough to keep out the wind on those downhill descents. The length of your ski jacket depends on your personal preference. While many skiers like a longer line fit for further protection, some will opt for a shorter style that maximises mobility. The best fitting ski jacket for you is one that allows a full range of motion, as well as providing comfortable protection.

Well, what are you waiting for?

There’s a perfectly suited, beautifully stylish ski jacket out there waiting for you to discover it and to get on with the action.

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