How to prepare your body for the Winter season…

How to prepare your body for the Winter season…

Winter can be tough on our bodies. From temperature drops and bitter winds to those icy blasts that can knock us off balance - not only in terms of health and happiness but also in motivation. However, for all of its challenges, there are plenty of great reasons to love the winter season... it’s a time to get sociable with plenty of celebrations, to get cosy around the fire, and best of all - it’s time to enjoy your favourite awesome winter sports.

Whether you love to hit the slopes for the ski and snowboard season or if all-year team sports are more your thing, it’s important to prepare your body for the winter season in the best possible way.


What should you be doing to prepare for winter sports?

Between the cold weather and high-impact activities, your body is pretty vulnerable over the winter season. Besides taking care and knowing your limits, there are a few ways in which you can get your body ready in these key ways…


Building Strength

As far as sporting activities go, winter favourites such as skiing and snowboarding are certainly not for the weak. Strength training is really important when you’re looking to take part in a gruelling winter sport so that you can support yourself suitably and face those difficult challenges that come your way. You can work on your strength in a number of ways...

Use weight and resistance training in sets and routines to work your muscle groups together, ensuring that you rest and recover between sets. This will help you to push your strength further whilst minimising your risk of injury and maximising your chances of progress.


Steadying Posture

Balance is a key part of skiing and snowboarding sports. While you may think that keeping yourself upright is a walk in the park, remember that snowy, slippery and icy conditions can throw a whole new level of difficulty into the mix.

Become more aware of your posture through activities such as yoga, where poses aim to lengthen your stance, engaging many of your vital muscles and also teaching you to focus on breathing. All of these key components will help you to prepare for the varying demands of winter sports as well as limbering you up to perform even better.


Defining Technique

With your overall fitness, strength and posture all being nurtured, it’s also a great idea to get in some tailored training for the activity you’re looking to excel in. Whether that’s visiting indoor ski centres or using specialist gym equipment to work on those areas of use, your body will thank you for easing them in when it comes to the real thing.


When to start and where to go…

When improving your fitness and preparing for sports, it’s never too late nor too early to get your body ready. Make the most of the time you have before you hit the slopes and go at a pace to suit you. There’s no need for an expensive gym or club membership, many of the best preparation techniques can be done at home or at the park with the help of makeshift weights, YouTube tutorials and plenty of motivation.

Remember that you’re looking out for your body in the long run and trust us - it will thank you for it.


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