The New Stan Smith Collection

The New Stan Smith Collection

When it comes to classic trainers, you won’t find many more iconic than the adidas Stan Smith.

The instantly recognisable tennis shoe, inspired by (and aptly named after) 1960s American tennis ace Stan Smith, is one of the sportswear giants best-loved designs, still to this day.  Originally, they started life as the ‘adidas Robert Haillet’ - after Davis cup-winning French tennis player Robert Haillet. Though their name changed after his retirement from tennis in 1971, and they have been known as the much-loved Stan Smith ever since.

Proudly featuring their own quirky design details, such as perforated lines in place of those famous three stripes and a wide rounded toe, they have managed to stay at the forefront of sneaker style for all of these years, ever-evolving and appealing to the masses without ever really changing.


New Stan Smith Styles at Flybery

If you love the classic Stan Smith style, but are looking for a Spring-ready design, allow us to introduce you to the new adidas Stan Smith collection...

Featuring eye-catching patterned designs and luxe-finish textures, these spirited additions are the perfect women’s lifestyle shoes - sporty enough for ultimate comfort and stylish enough for everyday wear. Amongst the striking new designs, adidas have also released a range of more classically-focused options. With many sticking to the all-white base colour, using the heel cushion to add subtle detail. As they continue to head up the style stakes, the ease in which they can be dressed up, or down, adds another undoubted string to their bow.

The timeless silhouette of Stan Smith shoes make them the perfect womens lifestyle shoes to pair with a range of looks - from sports leggings to jeans. It’s the truly versatile nature of this sporting-inspired classic that has seen it as one of the best selling adidas styles of all time.

Whether you’re an avid fan, looking to add to your collection or are just dipping a toe into the water when it comes to the iconic simplicity of the Stan Smith, browse the new collection, as well as a huge selection of favourites, right here, right now, at Flybery > 

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