Tips for working out whilst on holiday by Tara London

Tips for working out whilst on holiday by Tara London

So you have worked hard, sweating it out in classes, going to the gym, getting stronger, feeling fitter, and now the time has come for your well earned holiday break. Below are some easy tips you can implement to keep you feeling good whilst still having a blast enjoying those cocktails whilst in the sun.

Move in the mornings:

Now, don't get me wrong lying vertical on a sun lounger in the warm heat is an absolute dream. But when your in warm countries the air is generally cooler in the mornings making it the perfect time to workout, and you get it out of the way at the start of the day. Either lace up your trainers and run in your holiday destination for 20 minutes, or pick 5 body weight exercises and run them in a circuit five times with a thirty second break between each exercise.

Choose between:

Body weight squats 10 reps

Pressups 10 reps

Bodyweight alternating lunges 10 reps each leg

Side plank left and right for 30 seconds each

Mountain climbers for 30 seconds.


It is so important to see hydrated in hot countries, and especially when you are eating different food and if you are drinking alcohol. It will keep you skin and digestion happy and not to mention keep you hydrated to avoid any pesky headaches from the heat.

Eat your greens:

By all means enjoy all the pizza pasta and gelato, especially if your in Italy, but a lack of fibre in your diet can make your digestion a bit ‘meh’, and literally leave you feeling a bit poop. Get in those side salads or side greens to balance out your meals.  


A non negotiable. Sunburnt is not a good look, and if you get it on your first day tats your holiday and your skin ruined. Remember to lotion up everyday- you will tan beautifully and remain burn free!

Coconut Oil:

Pop a small tub in your wash bag while travelling- swimming in the sea and walking around in the sun can leave hair feeling dry and unmanageable. Massage in some into your locks as a leave in conditioner while you sleep and wash it off the next day for silky smooth hair.


Words by Tara

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