Trekking - what to wear for a spring trekking?

Trekking - what to wear for a spring trekking?

With spring approaching, we hope for more sunny days with beautiful weather. This is the perfect opportunity to exercise outside - you can ride a bike, run, do some stretching in the park… But have you ever tried to go trekking as a form of your workout? This is a sport for which good weather conditions aren’t necessary. You enjoy the walk, surrounded by nature, and perform your training simultaneously. We warn you - it’s easy to get addicted to trekking!


What to wear on your first trekking adventure?

Firstly, choose your path in the mountains or other wild area. When you have it planned, it’s time to assemble your ideal trekking outfit. It’s necessary to have professional trekking clothes, especially if your goal is to walk for multiple days in the row. Weather in the mountains can easily surprise you, so better be prepared! We recommend investing in high quality items, such as: waterproof jacket, long sleeve base layer shirt, trekking shoes, trekking backpack, and merino wool socks.


Main features of an ideal trekking outfit

The most important factor - your trekking clothes should make you feel highly comfortable, even during the longest walks. Their second goal is to protect you from the cold. Merino wool fabric works wonders - pieces rich in this material give you thermal insulation. We recommend merino wool socks and merino wool base layer, as they will keep you warm even if the weather is excruciating. On the market you can find plenty of merino t-shirts with stylish, flattering fit.


Waterproof is key!

Rain and low temperatures will not be scary when your clothes are waterproof. Trust us - a waterproof, lightweight jacket will be your best friend during long walks in the wilderness. It is usually insulated and very easy to compress, so you can fit it in your backpack. Waterproof trekking pants are also a must. In this way your whole body will stay dry and comfortable during the adventure. Find the pants that fit you the best. Pro tip: some of them have a pocket for your belongings!


Shoes - comfort and style

You have to trust your shoes during the hike. Waterproof hiking shoes are the way to go - especially the ones with goretex upper. Goretex is known to be the most effective waterproof technology available. Don’t worry - hiking boots for women can also be stylish! They have more delicate look, in spite of the thick sole.

A wide array of trekking clothes awaits you at Flybery - our picks will provide you with comfort and freedom of movement on your first trekking trip. Even if the weather is unstable, go out into the wild and explore!

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