what do you need to know to choose a ski helmet for you?

what do you need to know to choose a ski helmet for you?

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It’s no secret that skiing is not for the faint-hearted. Whether you’re a regular ski-bunny or are just starting out, you will no doubt have noticed that it can be a highly dangerous sport. So as well as making sure you have all the right ski clothing for the job, it’s vital you consider keeping your head fully protected with a ski helmet.

Ski helmets and snowboard helmets are specially designed to keep the wearers head safe from injury, without compromising their streamlined look on the slopes. They are a key part of any good skiers kit and choosing the right one for you isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.


Why it’s important to wear a ski helmet

Ski slopes can be dangerous places, not only with the risk of having an accident yourself, but also being in close proximity to others that may cause accidents. If you want to truly be able to relax and enjoy yourself without the fear of injury, you should always wear a specialized ski helmet.

Amongst the fun and thrills of skiing, there are plenty of potentially dangerous scenarios. Whether it’s to lessen the impact of a bump or fall, or even to keep your head warm and your headwear secure, a ski helmet has no end of benefits so don’t hesitate when it comes to using one this ski season.


Ski helmet essentials

Ski helmets have a vital job to do in keeping your head protected from serious injury. With such an important purpose, there are many features to a ski helmet that you should look out for when searching for the perfect one...

There are hundreds of ski helmet styles available with many variations in design, but there are many features that you will find consistent throughout. Most are made from a tough plastic hard shell, with a separate shock-absorbing liner beneath. Shells can sometimes be crafted from fiberglass and carbon fiber, which also do a great job of forming a protective layer as well as staying as light as possible.

Ski and snowboard helmets are constructed from various components, from the inner lining to the outer shell that helps to lessen the impact of any bumps. Ski and snowboard helmets are routinely tested for their safety rating and given certifications to reflect their performance. Although helmet safety certifications differ from region to region, they should all be clear about what their safety rating is, so be sure to look up the trusted classifications that are appropriate for your requirements.

As you browse the best ski helmets on the market, you’ll discover various features that intend to enhance your skiing experience. From vents to help keep your body temperature regulated, to liners and hard cases to provide a superior level of protection. Your ski helmet doesn’t have to boast every functionality possible, but it should always be safe and secure.


Finding the right ski helmet for you

Your ski helmet should help you to stay protected, but it should also be perfectly suited to your individual look.

For an ultra-lightweight option, opt for an in-mold helmet which is crafted using EPS (expandable polystyrene) and a PolyCarbonate shell to create a firm, protective helmet, also known as an injection-molded helmet that is lighter than any other on the market. Don’t forget to make sure your helmet fits perfectly. An adjustable chin strap should help you to securely fasten the helmet, making sure that there’s no risk of it slipping down, and also making sure that it fits well with your chosen headwear and goggles.

If you’re looking for the latest ski and snow helmet styles, find the biggest names and best designs right here at Flybery. From sleek and sophisticated, to bold and daring, find the right ski helmet to guide you safely on your way.

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