What to wear for running during autumn?

What to wear for running during autumn?

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. With its warm leafy tones and atmospheric scents, it’s the perfect time to enjoy running in the great outdoors. While you may have spent the summertime stretching your legs in the warm weather, running during the autumn months can be a totally different experience. As well as warming up thoroughly, checking your routes and taking all the usual precautions, you will need to consider the best clothing options for running in autumn.


Layer up with a running jacket

While there will be good days and bad days, it’s a given that your autumn runs will feel slightly cooler than your summer adventures. You may be comfortable with your running clothes in terms of fit and material, so rather than change the thickness or structure of your kit, think about layering - as and when you need to.

A running jacket is a useful addition, as well as potentially providing you with more pockets for essentials. A lightweight jacket will provide you with that extra bit of comfort as you start out on an autumn evening and can be easily, securely tied around your waist if you begin to warm up throughout your run.

The great thing about layers is their mix and match nature; get to know how comfortable you are as you test out the cooler outings and add layers into your collection to get the perfect balance.

What to wear for running during autumn?

Prepare for all elements

It’s wise to prepare for cooler temperatures as you continue running through autumn, though it’s also important to remember that anything can happen in the weird and wonderful world of weather. You don’t want to be caught out wrapped up in thick layers when a sunny spell hits, so consider ways to make your kit adaptable and ready for anything that comes your way.

One of the best ways to stay cool and comfortable during transitional months is with smart fabrics. Breathable running tops will ensure your body temperature is regulated, whilst protecting you from the harsher elements along the way. Whether short or long sleeved, they are great for a range of conditions from sunshine to showers and most importantly, are as kind as they can be to your skin.

What to wear for running during autumn?

Wear to be seen

With the nights drawing in and days getting shorter, another consideration for autumn running is being seen in the dark. Whether you like to hit the streets or prefer private trails, it’s a great idea to incorporate some reflective elements into your running kit, helping passers by and drivers to see you more clearly, keeping everyone safe and happy.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through your running shoes. Many running trainer styles feature reflective strips that catch the eye as you hit your stride, though you can feature reflective details within your running accessories too...

What to wear for running during autumn?

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