Where to Ski? Our top 5 European destinations…

Where to Ski? Our top 5 European destinations…

It’s that time of year again - we’re rounding up our friends and family, feeling the festive spirit and best of all... hitting the slopes. Skiing is a hugely popular winter sport, not just for the thrill of the ride, but for its wonderful, sociable side too.

Those who regularly take skiing trips will be quick to share their top tips and happy memories, as its popularity continues to grow. So whether you’re new to the scene, or are looking for a fresh, exciting destination, see our run-down of the top European skiing destinations this winter...


Zell am See - Kaprun, Austria

If you like the idea of a picturesque town, set on a sprawling lake and boasting panoramic views from the Austrian mountains, Zell am See -Kaprun is the perfect destination for you. You’ll find a host of hotels - both cosy and family-friendly as well as an awesome choice of parks, pipes and pistes to choose from to show off those skills.

Its traditional setting is perfectly complemented by modern amenities, providing everything you need for a fully-rounded ski trip to remember.

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Chamonix, Mont Blanc

Nestled at the base of Mont Blanc - the highest summit in the Alps - is the renowned resort of Chamonix. Famed for its year-round skiing, guests are attracted to its border-location and great reputation. With plenty to see and even more to do, it’s popular the world over so expect a vibrant cultural mix of skiers all looking to make the most of the slopes, and the nightlife too.

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Tignes, France

Tignes is made up of a group of villages in the French Alps, offering high-altitude skiing and a lively destination for travellers. Explore this well-connected area with friends or family and enjoy its huge range of entertainment facilities - as well as, of course, the all-important skiing areas.

With plenty of events on offer, it’s a popular choice for groups and party goers but with a budding pro-scene too, it’s certainly a serious skiing destination.

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Livigno, Italy

For an authentic skiing experience, head to the small village of Livigno in Italy. As a relatively new destination, it offers plenty of quality ski runs for skiers of all abilities, as well as plenty of shops and bars set within its characteristic village setting. It’s a great choice for those looking to ski in Italy and make the most of the culture combination.

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St Moritz, Switzerland

Opt for an all-out luxe skiing experience at Switzerland’s St Moritz resort. Located in the Alpines and renowned the world-over for its excellent winter sports facilities and prestigious reputation, it’s a choice that needs little introduction.

Feel ‘on top of the world’ at this elegant, stylish spot - the perfect space for skiing in style.

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No matter where you are heading to ski this winter, make sure you properly prepare your body for the gruelling demands of the slopes with our helpful tips. And of course, make sure you’re ready to step out in style with the best of our skiwear collections from all of your favourite brands…

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