Who Am I? A Petite Life

Who Am I? A Petite Life

#FlyberyWomen share their inspirational Who Am I? stories.  Today we are loving Emily's story.

Who am I?

The dancer. Being petite in the performing industry has had its fair share of downs and knock backs. Constantly being told that you don’t fit the puzzle, your bums too big or your legs are too short. But I never let it get to me. I could have let all of the words push me away or have let it lead me down a dark route of hating my body. But I didn’t. I kept pushing & I am still pushing. And through that push of gaining a thicker skin & staying true to myself & not trying to change who I am, I’ve found another love. A love of fitness & wellness that I now hope to share for anyone else out there who’s finding it a struggle to keep the positivity & keep the self belief.

Who am I? I am me. I am a Flybery Woman 

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