Who Am I? Bex French

Who Am I? Bex French

#FlyberyWomen share their inspirational Who Am I? stories. Today we are loving Bex's story!


Inspired by @flyberysport new campaign video, I found myself thinking Who am I. I am a 23 year old studying the LPC to work in Law. I live in Exeter. I am the @girlgainsexeter ambassador.

These things are facts and achievements which I am very proud of. However are these who I am?

I am human. I have emotions just like everyone else in the world. I am strong having learnt from my weaknesses. 
I am determined having learnt from disappointment.
I am ME learning to be my best self for ME and not for you.
For me I am driven and determined to achieve my goals and ambitions. These develop and adapt as I do so I continue to push myself on this journey. 
I have overcome other people’s self doubt towards my own abilities and while negativity has hurt a long the way it has driven me to realise that I am the only one who can stand in the way of my own achievement. 

So I am Me for Me on My own journey.

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