Who Am I? Milica Zivic

Who Am I? Milica Zivic

#FlyberyWomen share their inspirational Who Am I? stories... Today we are loving Milica's story!

Who am I?
I’m 400m runner and graduated journalist from Serbia. Occasionally painter.Wannabe yogi. ?Art, psychology and history lover. Coffee addict.
Being hyperactive child who spent all its time at the park and watching international sports success of my countrymen I fell in love with both sport and journalism at young age. Balancing studyng and training for more than 10 years taught me all about perseverance, dedication and discipline. I felt other people’s self doubt towards my own abilities since day one. I overcame that. I am thankful for that now, since it teached me that truly I am the only one who can stand in the way of my own achievements. For me, success is everything I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown while training athletics, now just the results themselves.

Friends often ask me for advices about training and I love to inspire them to start being active, become stronger and not give up when things get tough. I am the happiest if my experience can help somebody. I was often wishing to get that kind of encouragement from someone when I was younger.

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