Why pilates is a great training for everyone?

Why pilates is a great training for everyone?

Pilates - a perfect mixture of yoga, ballet and isometric exercises. It gained huge popularity thanks to its versatility. It doesn’t comes as a surprise to us, because it’a type of workout basically for everyone! The benefits our countless: toned body, improved flexibility, better mood and less stress.

The benefits of pilates workout

Your body will seriously thank you for taking up pilates. This workout will make your muscles stronger, your core will be stabilized, hence your posture will improve. Also, back pains caused by working at a desk will be much decreased. So if you are working in sedentary position at least five days a week - this is a training for you.

How to get ready for your first training session?

Firstly, is is important to find a good pilates studio. Look for friendly and qualified trainers and a wide array of classes for every level of advancement. If there is Bootcamp Pilates studio in your neighbourhood, we highly recommend it. Now prepare a bottle of water, put on a comfy outfit and a smile on your face… and you are ready to go! Remember to warm up before the session and cool down after your training to avoid any injuries and reduce muscle soreness.

Pilates outfit

What to wear for your first pilates classes? We have an answer for you. A perfect ladies pilates outfit consists of multiple elements:

1. Pilates leggings - Try the ones made from knit fabric - they will support your body and be highly comfortable at the same time. Some of the models even feature a small pocket for your locker key, which is so convenient!

2. Pilates top - We recommend a casual, loose fit. Long pilates top will not limit your movements and look flattering. Experiment with colours! Surely you can find a pilates t-shirt suitable to your own liking. They come in a variety of patterns and colours, from neon to pastel.

3. Pilates sweater - You don’t want to feel cold, so grab a pilates long sleeve to cover up. It’s handy, especially at the beginning of the session, when your body is not warmed up yet.

4. Sports bra - Make sure you are wearing a light support bra. Mesh panels acting as a cooling system would also be a nice touch.

5. Pilates socks - Don’t underestimate them! They are non slippery, so you will be safe during the session. They are also low cut, equals they are very comfortable.

All the products necessary to combine an ideal pilates outfit wait for you at Flybery. Grab your pilates mat and let’s exercise!

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