Why you should try hot yoga?

Why you should try hot yoga?

Yoga is back as a firm favourite across the world.  The ancient practice that started in Northern India over 5000 years ago has come back 'on trend' with studios opening on every corner, from hot yoga to yin yoga. It's continuing to grow in popularity and it’s easy to see why. People find yoga for different reasons, maybe it's the physical workout or maybe it's the escape from the 'real world', there are so many benefits it's hard to summarise them all in one short piece.

We've seen a rise particularly in the area of hot yoga which to beginners might be a terrifying thought - a room of sweaty lycra clad bodies but there are benefits to this style of yoga that you maybe didn't realise.


What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga originally started in the 1970's when Bikram Choudry decided to take heaters into his studio to increase the temperature to 40 oC.  His experiment resulted in the style of yoga we know today as Bikram yoga which is a series of 26 postures practiced in the same sequence in a studio or room heated to 35-42 degrees. This style of yoga took Hollywood by storm with many other studios adding heat to their classes in various different styles.

This is what we know today as 'hot yoga'.

By practising yoga in a heated atmosphere, your heart rate elevates making your body work harder as it regulates your body temperature and replenishes your fluids at a quicker rate. Your body sweats more which is seen as detoxification as your body works to flush toxins out of the skin. On that note - plenty of water is a must!

The temperature of the studio means the body is naturally warmer and as such the body can move more deeply into postures and stretches.

Some people favour hot yoga as a cardiovascular workout as it generally tends to be more intense or faster paced. It can be great for developing strength and flexibility while still enjoying classic yoga flows and breathing exercises.


Different types of hot yoga…

Originating back in the 70s, Bikram Yoga is one of the best known forms of practice. It takes place in a studio set to around 40 oC so is right in at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to heat intensity. It is loved for its classic formula but with the heat dialled up, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

For smaller, independent studios, Modo Yoga is a form of hot yoga that is uniquely adapted by them to suit their style. Keeping core principles at the heart, these sessions focus on health, peace and support, and the temperature they opt for will vary depending on the studio.

If you like the idea of a heated session, but might not be ready for Bikram, Evolation Yoga might be the choice for you. Taking all of the classic Bikram poses but dialing the heat down to 24-32 oC , it can give a gentler experience without taking away any of the vital learnings.

Reaching right back to the 40s, Baptiste Yoga originates from Hatha Yoga though takes place in a studio set at around 32 oC. Focusing on strength, flexibility and mental clarity, it’s an all-encompassing variation for yogi’s to enjoy at a pace that suits them.


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