Yoga & Running - why should runners do yoga?

Yoga & Running - why should runners do yoga?

As its popularity continues to soar, yoga is fast becoming a favourite fitness activity all over the world. With varying levels of intensity, it’s something that a wide range of people can get involved with. From those looking to relax their mind and loosen their muscles slightly, to others who want to achieve a peak level of flexibility; it’s an all-inclusive exercise that can work for you in whichever way you’d like it to.

Many people focus entirely on yoga, choosing to explore its reach and potential to the max. Others find it can be the perfect accompaniment to other sports or activities, like tennis, surfing or running...


How can runners benefit from doing yoga?

Those who love to run will know that they use a wide range of muscles as they train, combining strength and stamina with all-round conditioning. With yoga - strength, flexibility and breathing are all a focus and all of which are main areas of consideration when it comes to running too.

Runners can benefit from doing yoga as, despite the differences in tempo, the two activities have a great deal of crossover when it comes to areas of the body. Combining yoga and running can help you to really get to know your body, on a closer level. You can learn areas of stiffness, tight muscles and even where focus of the mind can play its part.

This will help to improve your overall running performance and ensure you are not causing damage to any parts of your body as you enjoy higher intensity activity.


How does yoga improve running?

There are many ways in which doing yoga can improve your running. Yoga for runners can:

  • Work a wide range of muscles
  • Stretch and lengthen tight muscles
  • Enable easier movement and flexibility
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Focus on healthy breathing
  • Relax the mind
  • With these benefits, and many others, it’s easy to see why many runners choose to take up yoga too.
  • Working on your physical, mental and spiritual health is always a benefit to any other type of training you take on.


How often should runners do yoga?

Many runners will venture out a few times per week, perhaps switching up their routine when it comes to length and intensity. On those in between days, where you might be looking to train lighter, yoga is a perfect alternative.

Practising yoga once or twice a week is the ideal amount for runners to feel the benefits. From stronger muscles to a refreshed frame of mind and increased mobility, there’s plenty of reasons to get a plan in place and to make both running and yoga work for you.


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