Your Guide to Choosing the Best Ski Trousers

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Ski Trousers

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If you’re thinking about hitting the slopes this ski season, don’t go any further without making sure you have a great pair of ski trousers to sport. From keeping you warm and dry to freeing you up to throw your best shapes, your ski trousers have a lot to live up to, so make sure you take note of everything you need them to be.

Whether you call them ski trousers, snow pants or salopettes, they are vital for protecting the lower part of your body as you venture out in all-weathers to get your snowsports fix. Luckily, there are plenty of options at your disposal, as many of today’s womens ski pants not only do an important job, but also look great too.

You might be replacing a beloved pair that have seen better days, or purchasing your very first pair ahead of a winter ski trip - whichever your circumstances, consider our round-up of the most important ski pant features...



Let’s start with a no-brainer. Even the best skiers in the world spend a lot of time balancing on their knees, sitting in the snow or simply catching the spray as they navigate the slopes. So it’s a given that your ski trousers should be waterproof.

Most womens ski pants are made from synthetic fibres, which are great for keeping out any moisture. If you want the ultimate in waterproofing protection, look to specialist fabrics such as Gore-Tex or Polartec Neo-Shell. These specially crafted fabrics offer the highest quality in waterproofing wear, but are also smart enough to allow your body to breathe. If you opt for a less-specialised fabric, look out for a waterproof rating. This will be stated on a scale from 5,000 to 20,000mm (with 20,000 being the most waterproof rating) and this is indicative of how many millimeters of rainfall the fabric could withstand before letting any moisture in.



As well as plenty of moisture to contend with, you will likely be up against freezing temperatures when you set out to ski. Your ski trousers should have an appropriate level of insulation, depending on your needs. Most ski trousers have insulated polyester padding, helping to keep your body warm, especially when you’re out skiing for the majority of the day. Due to an increased need for mobility, some snow pants have less or no added insulation, these styles will require good quality base layers to keep you from getting too cold, but to also allow for a wide range of movement.

The level of insulation you require will depend on the weather forecast at your skiing destination, as well as your level of activity. If you’re looking to layer, opt for a snowboard style fit, but if you’re heading for the colder spots, check for superior ski pant insulation.


Design & Fit

Although they certainly need to be waterproof and insulated, there is plenty of room to play with style and added extras when it comes to finding the perfect pair of ski trousers. Features that most ski trousers will have are snow gaiters and vents. Snow gaiters or lag gaiters are reinforced edges where your ski trousers meet your skis, intended to minimise damage and stop snow from creeping in up the leg. Many ski trousers will have zips to make it even easier to incorporate these durable additions into your ski set-up.

When it comes to ventilation, many ski trousers have thigh venting panels, allowing the skin to breathe around the inner thigh. This helps to control body temperature and to keep air circulation flowing through your ski clothing. It might be chilly out on the slopes, but your body will thank you for allowing it to breathe as you work hard gliding and weaving through the terrain.

Ladies ski trousers vary greatly in design. Some looser fitting styles can feature waist adjusters to keep them in place, whilst others have a range of zipped pockets that can be helpful for carrying ski passes and other important documents. The fit of your ski trousers is a personal choice, as long as they are snug enough to not be a hazard, and loose enough to allow a full range of movement.


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