Women's Klimatik Elements Gilet   Gilets CYCLING


Women's Klimatik Elements Gilet Gilets

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Women's Klimatik Elements Gilet Gilets from Alé collection. This gilet is a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride.

Retailer description:

The heart of the Women's Klimatik Elements Gilet is the Rainshell Antiacqua 2.5 fabric, a waterproof and highly breathable material perfectly suited to high-intensity activities, such as cycling. It's one thing to keep rain out but that's of no use if you get overwhelmed with sweat inside - this is the conundrum the Women's Klimatik Elements Gilet solves. It adds a layer of water and wind protection to your core but it won't hinder movement of sweat from base layers to the outside. The result is greater comfort as skin remains dry and won't cool from an excess of sweat. Bonded technology is used to construct the Gilet, this does away with traditional seam joining techniques, instead, a special tape is used, maintaining the stretch of the fabric while also boosting durability. Moreover, the smooth joins also guarantee no rubbing from the seams, enhancing your comfort.