Women's Paisley Print Bib Shorts   Bib Shorts CYCLING


Women's Paisley Print Bib Shorts Bib Shorts

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Women's Paisley Print Bib Shorts Bib Shorts from Alé collection. These shorts are a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

Paisley Perfection Working with the team at Ale, here at Wiggle we're thrilled to bring you a range of exclusive designs of high-performance cycle wear with distinctive graphics that really pop when you're on the bike. Here it's a classic Paisley design, the spiral-motif adding an eye-catching and exotic touch to these brilliant bib shorts.  Simply Performance Ale knows that just adding extra features doesn't always result in better performance and with their Women's Paisley Print Bib Shorts they've purposely reduced the panels so as to reduce seams, enhancing comfort through reduced irritation. Then, thanks to the women's specific anatomical cut, you'll enjoy a perfect fit and wonderful freedom of movement when you're pedalling, with smooth thermo grippers providing a sleek and secure hold across the thighs - perfect for showing off the exclusive Paisley print.   When you're pushing the pace it's inevitable you'll start to build up a sweat but the close-knit mesh upper ensures your skin can breathe, letting humidity escape and fresh air to circulate, regulating your temperature nicely. Lastly, reflective tabs on the back of the shorts ensure you catch the eye when long summer rides finish after sunset.