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Women's Lauren Swimsuit One Piece Swimsuits

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Women's Lauren Swimsuit Adult Swimwear from Arena collection. This swimsuit is a perfect choice for your daily swim sessions. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

Support Designed to flatter every breast shape and size, Bodyfit suits provide the support, security, and fit you need to feel confident and look great. The inner cups, which have been developed to optimise water absorption, target your specific needs, from a full-bust figure to the more petite chest.  Control A common concern for many women is the tummy, an almost challenging area regardless of age or shape. A special mesh fabric panel or functional cuts smooth out the stomach, smoothing your curves without affecting breathability and comfort.  Perfect Fit The Bodylift construction ensures that the swimsuit is built to offer complete freedom of movement whilst complimenting your natural curves and moving in harmony with your body. Adjustable straps, different kinds of backs and coverage ensure greater comfort and perfect fit.