Open Panel 7/8 Tights - SS18 CROSS FIT GYM


Open Panel 7/8 Tights - SS18

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Open Panel 7/8 Tights - SS18 from Casall collection. These tights are a perfect choice for a training at the gym as well as for all CrossFitters. This product is currently on SALE at SportsShoes.

Retailer description:

Casall Open Panel Women's 7/8 Tights These Casall Open Panel Women's 7/8 Tights feature an open-structured lace panel at the side are subtle yet eye-catching. The Open Panel Women's 7/8 tights are constructed of a fast drying fabric that features excellent moisture management. The fabric works endlessly to wick sweat and excess moisture as it's produced then transfers it to the outer layers of the fabric where it can be easily evaporated. This technology allows you to perform at your optimal level for longer while feeling cool, dry and comfortable. The stretch fabric provides freedom of movement allowing you to stretch and move freely without encountering any restrictions. In addition, a 3cm open structured lace panel at the side seam enhances ventilation by allowing ait to fully permeate the fabric, providing a constant supply of fresh, cool air. Simultaneously this construction allows hot, muggy air that resides in the garment to be forced out, keeping you cool throughout your chosen activity. Superb comfort comes in the form of the extra wide and soft waistband that enhances comfort, especially during floor-based activities, while a full inside leg panel minimises friction between the legs. Lastly, a small pocket inside the waistband provides a safe and convenient storage space for small essential items such as keys.