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Women's Emergency Rain Jacket Jackets

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Women's Emergency Rain Jacket Cycling Waterproof Jackets from Castelli collection. This outdoor jacket is a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

The Women's Emergency Rain Jacket gives you a waterproof rating of 10,000 mm water column that resists light rain and showers extremely well. It's not designed for an all-day rain ride but it's just right for stowing in a jersey pocket for those emergency situations. The only real compromise compared to Castelli's top-of-the-line offerings is in breathability but that's not so key for a passing shower.  The fit as with all Castelli garments is refined and tuned to be just right when on the bike. It's close to lessen flapping but it's still roomy enough to slip on over your Gabba, the slight amount of fabric stretch helping you to layer underneath. For your riding days when you're just not sure if you'll get hit by a heavy shower, this jacket is easily stowed in a  pocket just in case. It's so light and easy to stow there's no reason not to take it with you.