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Aeron Women's Rain Defence Polartec Jacket Jackets

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Aeron Women's Rain Defence Long Sleeve Jersey Jerseys from dhb collection. This outdoor jacket is suitable for trekking and hiking, making you feel comfortable even during the longest walks. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

NEW Aeron Rain Defence Completely redeveloped over two years, the new Aeron Rain Defence Collection takes protection from the rain, road spray and other foul weather to the next level, but also works well when the rain stops. Using technologies from the world’s leading fabric mills, this new collection is a massive leap forward for dhb. Working with customer feedback from previous versions, dhb have significantly improved the fit, versatility and breathability of this jacket, meaning it can be worn across a greater range of temperatures. It won’t overheat when you’re pushing the pace, but still keeps for comfortable when you’re caught in the rain.   Polartec® Power Shield® Pro: breathable weather protection. The versatility of this jacket is made possible by the advanced Power Shield® Pro fabric from leading innovators Polartec®. This advanced softshell fabric is designed to give the perfect balance between weather protection and breathability. Highly wind and water resistant, the reason this fabric works so well for cycling is this breathability. Over the course of a ride where the conditions, terrain and effort can vary greatly, Power Shield® Pro regulates warmth and crucially allows sweat build up to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable. This active breathability and temperature regulation makes this a jacket that will get you out on the door when the weather looks bleak, when other kit might make you think twice.   Improved fit A significant upgrade from the previous version, the new Aeron Rain Defence Jacket has far more stretch which means a more comfortable fit – close to the body without feeling restrictive. A high collar is there to keep the wind and rain out, and a dropped tail keeps the spray off too.   Wet Weather Details In tough conditions it can be hard to get to your pockets, but if this stops you getting to your food you're going to stop eating and not enjoy your ride.  dhb have built a flap over the pockets to keep your kit protected, but this has enough stretch to allow for easy access, allowing you to fuel effectively in harsh weather. The central pocket is designed for your pump, keeping it out of the way from the bits you need more often. A zip pocket keeps valuables safe.   A Versatile Foul Weather Jacket It’s called Rain Defence for a reason, but because it’s so breathable and good at regulating temperature, you can wear this jacket on cool and cold rides in dry conditions too. Recommended for use in temperatures between 8-14 Celsius, with the right base layer it can handle temperatures either side of that with ease.