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Aeron Womens Storm FLT Waterproof Jacket Jackets

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Aeron Womens Storm FLT Waterproof Jacket Cycling Waterproof Jackets from dhb collection. This jackets is a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

With the Aeron Women's Storm FLT Waterproof Jacket in your wardrobe, there's no reason not to get out there, even if the worst of the weather hits. After a sell-out first run, great customer feedback and appearing in the RC:UK 100 2017, we've added reflective detailing takes this jacket to the next level.   "The Aeron Women’s Storm Waterproof Jacket is a highly technical, superbly fitting and comfortable item, allowing you to get out there and ride even when the weather isn’t looking so encouraging." Total Women's Cycling Flashlight Technology dhb Flashlight Technology (FLT) is all about considered placement of high-quality reflectives in the areas you need them most. The new Storm FLT jacket manages to keep the clean design which received great feedback from customers while adding in effective reflective details on the rear and shoulders to maximise visibility out on the road.  37.5™ Technology - Active Particle Performance So why exactly 37.5? Well simply put 37.5°C is your ideal core body temperature while 37.5% is the optimum relative humidity in your micro-climate. 37.5™ technology actually works to maintain this optimum balance so you perform better and in greater comfort no matter how high or low the intensity of your riding. When you are in this ideal 37.5 zone, you'll be in your ideal performance zone. So how does it achieve this perfect balance? A layer of 37.5™ active particles are added to the inside of the waterproof laminate and respond to body heat to increase moisture transfer. The hotter you get, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes — maintaining complete comfort and avoiding feelings of clamminess. The fabric uses the active particles to rapidly increase water moisture dispersal and evaporation, preventing pooling of moisture and overwhelming of the fabric. Think of it as enhancing and super charging your body's already incredible systems. Fit, Feel and Performance While being at the forefront of fabric technology the Aeron Storm Waterproof Jacket also benefits from a completely reworked fit from previous dhb waterproof jackets – a new and improved cycle-specific performance fit. The 2.5 layer waterproof fabric also has stretch properties resulting in a more comfortable fit than other laminates that can be too rigid. With a waterproof rating of 45,000mm, fully taped seams and a dropped tail to keep the worst of the weather off this jacket will keep you riding all day in wet weather.