Blok Women's Tri Short - Blossom   Tri Shorts CYCLING


Blok Women's Tri Short - Blossom Tri Shorts

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Blok Women's Tri Short - Blossom Tri Shorts from dhb collection. These shorts are a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride. This product is currently on SALE at Wiggle.

Retailer description:

Using dhb's renowned expertise in cycling, the new Blok Women's Tri short is a great choice for your next challenge. Suitable for everyone from beginners to seasoned Triathletes, the shorts offer enhanced features and premium fabrics. Carefully Chosen Fabrics The main fabric making up the Blok Women's Tri Short is Xtra Life Lycra. This was specifically chosen to meet the varying needs of Triathletes. Not only is this chlorine resistant for indoor swims, it's also resistant to suncreams. You, therefore, don't need to worry about damaging it when you need to slather on the sun protection for those warmer races or training sessions. The shorts also use Revolutional fabrics. This has higher compression properties, aiding oxygen flow to the thighs and maintain performance. It's also breathable and lighter, so you can focus on your session. The thin silicon grippers were chosen specifically with function in mind. They ensure a secure fit around your legs, continuing the feel of a 2nd skin, but aren't restrictive. The Important Chamois The Chamois is made by industry leader, Elastic Interface, and is Tri-specific. It's smaller shape makes it more suited to the needs of Triathletes; it's comfortable when running, but still offers the padding you need at core areas for the cycle. It's made with a breathable and quick drying laminate fabric for added comfort and protection.