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Womens Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts from dhb collection. These shorts are a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride.

Retailer description:

For those riders who are seeking excellent performance and amazing value from their kit, the dhb Women’s Bib Shorts could well be the perfect choice. Combining a high-quality Italian Miti stretch fabric for a supportive fit, with a CyTech Elastic Interface 'Veloce' chamois pad, you get a pair of shorts that will see you riding in comfort for two or three hours of fun. Whether it’s for commuting, leisure riding or maybe dipping the toe in the water of sportives, these shorts have got you covered. The Elastic Interface Veloce pad is ideal for touring and leisure riding thanks to the way the foam padding is moulded to offer comfort and protection for up to 2-3 hours in the saddle. The pad’s designed to prevent chafing and allow freedom of movement so you don’t feel restricted whilst you’re riding. Functional and comfortable, the dhb Women’s Bib Shorts also feature silicone grippers in the leg hems, holding them in place to stop any risk of slipping or moving during your ride.