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Women's Long Sleeve Shield Jersey Jerseys

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Women's Long Sleeve Shield Jersey Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys from Isadore collection. This long sleeve shirt is a perfect choice for every cyclist, supporting you during every killometre of your ride.

Retailer description:

The Women's Long Sleeve Shield Jersey is not only warm it gives the wearer protection from wind and rain through the use of a weather protective element. And to tailor the warmth to your personal preference and the prevailing weather conditions simply add base and outer layers in combination with this jersey. Of course, breathability is also excellent so you'll not suffer a chill from a build up of perspiration. The Merino component also offers super soft comfort whilst also being naturally odour resistant. This jersey also has all the details you'd expect from a high-performance cycling garment. A close and wind resistant collar seals in warmth while the full-length zip allows for ventilation should you need extra airflow on high tempo rides. Three big storage pockets are to the rear for your convenience and an additional zipped pocket keeps essentials safe and secure. The Women's Shield Long Sleeve Jersey is a classic bit of kit to see you through autumn, winter and spring. No matter whether you're heading for a high tempo training ride in spring, a gentle autumn ride or out on a freezing cold day in winter this jersey can offer the perfect start for your layering system.